This gallery showcases finished projects that are made by others. I would like to dedicate this hall of fame as a thank you to those who knit them. If you have any Free Cute Knit finished projects you also wants to add, please send me an email with up to 3 best photos as well as details below:
- Project Name:
- Knitted By: (your nickname / name)
- Date Finished:
- Your Website: (if you have one)

 the future's so bright!
*NEW* The Future’s So Bright!
Knitted By: banklady6
Date Finished: 3 February 2013
Sir Carrotalot
*NEW* Sir Carrotalot
Knitted By: cookknitwine
Date Finished: 24 January 2013
Sweet Strawberry
*NEW* Sweet Strawberry
Knitted By: ZiaPerAmore
Date Finished: 1 January 2013
Secret Santa Carrot
*NEW* Secret Santa Carrot
Knitted By: kidonamountain (Caroline)
Date Finished: 13 December 2012


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