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Christmas Snowman Mobile Phone Cover Case

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Ho ho ho! Finally I finished the Christmas Snowman knitting! It’s always very exciting when I see my creation come to life. This snowman probably will be my only Christmas related knitting for this year because it took me longer than I expected. Well, at least we still have 25 days before Christmas and enough time to knit some ;)

This mobile phone case is specifically designed for smart phones. It’s approximately 6.5cm wide x 11.7cm tall x 1.8cm depth so it will fit most smart phones (I have tested it with HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S1, iPhone 4 & Blackberry). If you notice, the depth is currently 1.8cm which means the case is currently a snug fit for Blackberry. But either way you don’t have to worry as there is a button on top so the phone won’t ever fall off!).

Free knitting patterns mobile phone case

The case with HTC Desire inside

All photos shown are using HTC Desire, so you can see it fits good even with the smallest phone. I will include knitting charts as well as instructions below so you can easily adjust the size to fit any other smart phones.

With colours, I tend to like soft romantic colours. I replaced Black, Red and White with Brown, Orange and Off-White. Which do you prefer?

I never done this before, I usually just show you my finished products, but I thought it could be nice to show my sketches too. When designing any knitting patterns, I always draw them on paper first. Here are a few of my sketches. ♥

Snowman mobile phone case sketch

First stages of sketching

Leave your comments, I would love to hear from you!

Difficulty Level:
Intermediate Difficulty
(well, aside from having to manage multiple yarns in the same time, this pattern is actually very easy! Though, typing them up was a colourful pain in the butt *lol*)

Skills Required:Free cute knitting patterns Snowman mobile phone case cover
CO: Cast On
K: Knit
P: Purl
Fair Isle: Colourwork knitting where stitches are knit alternately in various colours, with the unused colours stranded across the back of the work
BO: Bind Off

Finished Size: approx. 6.5cm wide x 11.5cm tall x 1.8cm depth (Please note that this size is made with the needles & yarn specified below, different yarns and needles size will produce different results)

Straight Needles: US 2½ – 3.0 mm

Snowman mobile phone case sketch knitting chart

Sketch stage 2 :)

Background & Back — Panda Cotton Blend 8ply in 16 Apple Green (dye lot #120708)
Hat, Scarf & Sides — Panda Cotton Blend 8ply in 20 Brown (dye lot #120712)
Hat & Scarf — Panda Cotton Blend 8ply in 7 Orange (dye lot #120502)
Snowman Body — Panda Cotton Blend 8ply in 3 Cream (dye lot #120602)
Eyes — Panda Cotton Blend 8ply in 2 Black (dye lot #10613)
Cheek — Panda Cotton Blend 8ply in 15 Pink (dye lot #120609)

15 stitches and 20 rows = 2″ inches in stockinette stitch

Facial Features:
scraps of black threads for mouth

Other Materials:
Tapestry needle
Sewing needle
1x Button of your choice (I use 10mm diameter button)
Scraps of green thread for sewing button

Free Snowman Mobile Phone Case knitting patterns:

*Note*: Whenever I say Sl1, I mean I slip my first stitch in the same direction as the pattern. So in a Knitting Row, I will slip my first stitch knitwise. In a Purling Row, I will slip my first stitch purlwise.

Front Side:
Starting from the bottom, with Cream, CO 20.
Row 1: K
Row 2: Sl1, P
Row 3: Sl1, K6, add Brown K6, K7
Row 4: Sl1, P6, P6, P7
Row 5: Sl1, K6, add Orange K6, K7
Row 6: Sl1, P6, P6, P7
Row 7: Repeat Row 3
Row 8: Repeat Row 4
Row 9: Repeat Row 5
Row 10: Repeat Row 6
Row 11: add Apple Green K1, K6, K6, K6, K1
Row 12: Sl1, P1, P5, P6, P5, P2
Row 13: Sl1, K2, K4, K6, K4, K3
Row 14: Sl1, P3, P3, P6, P3, P4
Row 15: Sl1, K4, *K2, K2* x 2 times, K2, K5
Row 16: Sl1, P4, *P2, P2* x 2 times, P2, P5
Row 17: Repeat Row 15
Row 18: Sl1, P6, P6, P7
Row 19: Sl1, K5, K8, K6
Row 20: Sl1, P4, P10, P5
Row 21: Sl1, K3, K12, K4
Row 22: Sl1, P3, P1, add Pink P1, P3, P2, P3, P1, P1, P4
Row 23: Sl1, K3, K2, K5, K2, K3, K4
Row 24: Sl1, P3, P1, P1, P8, P1, P1, P4. Cut off Pink Yarn
Row 25: Sl1, K3, K3, add Black K1, K4, K1, K3, K4
Row 26: Repeat Row 20
Row 27: Repeat Row 19. Cut off Cream Yarn
Row 28: Sl1, P3, P12, P4
Row 29: Sl1, K3, K12, K4
Row 30: Sl1, P6, P6, P7
Row 31: Sl1, K6, K6, K7. Cut off Orange Yarn
Row 32: Sl1, P6, P6, P7
Row 33: Sl1, K6, K6, K7
Row 34: Repeat Row 32
Row 35: Repeat Row 33
Row 36-40: Keep repeating rowing 32 & 33. (At Row 40, you will be repeating Row 32.)

Snowman sketch stage 3

Sketch stage 3 where I refine things more

Shaping the top:

Row 41: BO7 (Bind Off 7 Apple Green stitches, then cut off green yarn leaving approx 90cm for seaming later on. Pull that last yarn through the loop to complete the bind off.) Then K6 (weave the green yarn floats as per normal), then BO7.

When you have successfully completed this Row, you will have Bind Off all your green stitches and now you should have 6 Brown live stitches remaining on your needle.

Row 42: Sl1, P5Snowman mobile phone case cover free knitting patterns
Row 43: Sl1, K5
Row 44-52: Keep repeating Row 42 & 43. (At Row 52, you will be repeating Row 42)

Knitting Button Hole:
Row 53: Sl1, K2, BO2, K1. (4 sts remaining)
Row 54: Sl1, P1, CO2, P2 (6 sts total)

Row 55: Sl1, K5
Row 56: Sl1, P5
Row 57: BO

Weave in all ends except for the green yarn on the top.

Snowman knitted mobile phone case Blocking stage

Pin knitted materials when blocking to secure them in position.

Back Side:
Starting from the bottom, with Apple Green, CO20.
Work on Stockinette stitch until Row 40. Beginning with Knit at Row 1.
Row 41: BO

Cut yarn, leave approx 80cm tail for seaming later on.

The Sides:
Starting from one end, with Brown, CO6.
Work on garter stitch until Row 125. Garter stitch means you knit every row. Don’t forget to Slip your first stitch.
Row 126: BO

Cut yarn, weave in all ends.

Then block all materials and seam the pieces together. I use running stitch.

Snowman Free Knitting Chart:

Snowman Mobile Phone Case Knitting Chart

Click on the image for full size view. Right Click on the image and “Save Image As” to download it to your computer.

Instructions on how to resize the phone case:

  • Easiest way to adjust size is by changing your needle size. The bigger the needle the bigger the case will be. Remember to adjust your yarn size accordingly and check your gauge to make sure it can fit.
  • To resize phone case thickness so it will fit snuggly on thinner phones. Simply CO4 instead of 6 when knitting The Sides.
  • To resize the phone length so it can fit taller phone (e.g. iPhone 5), you will need to knit extra 6 rows. Increase Rows from the top and bottom of the pattern. (I would  increase 4 of the bottom rows, and 2 of the top rows)

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

How to Knit Snowman Mobile Phone Cover (Part 1): Front Side Row 1-7

How to Knit Snowman Mobile Phone Cover (Part 2): Front Side Row 8-12

How to Knit Snowman Mobile Phone Cover (Part 3): Front Side Row 13-15

How to Knit Snowman Mobile Phone Cover (Part 4): Front Side Row 16-20

How to Knit Snowman Mobile Phone Cover (Part 5): Front Side Row 21-23

How to Knit Snowman Mobile Phone Cover (Part 6): Front Side Row 24-29

How to Knit Snowman Mobile Phone Cover (Part 7): Front Side Row 30-52

How to Knit Snowman Mobile Phone Cover (Part 8): Front Side Row 53-57

4/1/13: video part 1 added
14/1/13: video part 2 added
17/1/13: video part 3 added
26/1/13: video part 4 added
9/2/13: video part 5 added
19/2/13: video part 6 added
22/2/13: video part 7 added
2/1/2014: video part 8 added

Remember, if you do make the snowman phone case, I would love it if you can share them with me by either sending me the photos via email for a chance to be published in the blog / tag me on Facebook / upload them in my Ravelry

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